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The DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group establishes the framework for public safety agencies and emergency services organizations to directly collaborate with industry, government, and academia through the combined expertise of AIRT and AUVSI members with the State of Florida.


The primary objectives of the DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group are to:


  1. Support the education, adoption, and use of remotely piloted, uncrewed, and autonomous systems by public safety and emergency service organizations at the regional (state) level within the scope of established legal and acceptable community standards.

  2. Increase awareness and understanding of the value of drones, robotics, and related technologies by the public with increased emphasis on underserved communities.

  3. Provide a mechanism for government to directly collaborate with industry and academia at the regional level to stimulate innovation and better serve the Whole Community during times of emergency and crisis.

The DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group is spearheaded by a collaborative team of UAS program managers from public safety agencies throughout the State of Florida.  Sgt. Robert Dooley, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program Coordinator for the Florida Highway Patrol, is the initial point of contact for Florida law enforcement agencies operating UAS.  Rich Gatanis, Firefighter, Hazardous Materials Technician, and UAS Program Coordinator for the Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue District, serves as the liaison for fire rescue departments operating drones and robotic systems within the State of Florida.

Accredited Florida public safety and emergency services personal with operational or oversight responsibility for unmanned systems or related technologies are invited to join the DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group by clicking the button below.


Law Enforcement Contact

Sgt. Robert Dooley

UAV Program Coordinator

Florida Highway Patrol

Rich Gatanis.png

Fire Service Contact

Rich Gatanis

Firefighter, HAZMAT Technician
UAS Program Coordinator

Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue District


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